Eid Al-Fitr Prayer

April 10, 2024


SubhanAllah we have entered the last ten days of Ramadan! We are truly in the most blessed days. May Allah (swt) accept your ibadah, and fasts. May He reward you and your families, may He allow us to all participate in Laylatul Qadr, and participate in many Ramadans to come. Ameen

Please read this email in its entirety, as it provides details for salat proper management

Zakatal Fitra: The cost of Fitra will be $15 per person in each household. Fitra should be paid before April 7th.
The ways you can pay your Zakatul-Fitra:

Zelle/Quick pay to: alsalamgeneralfund@gmail.com (must put Zakatul-Fitra in the memo)
Checks to be written out to Al Salam Foundation (must put Zakatul-Fitra in the memo)
Eid-A-Fitr will inshAllah be Wednesday, April 10th at Grand Park.

Traffic: Although the construction to exit 191 is now open, when coming off of 31, please keep in mind there will be more traffic due to the congregational size and being a school day. Grand Park Blvd is also now open, which provides a straight connection of of 32 (see map below). Please be patient and allow yourself ample time for driving and parking. 
Seating: We have a limited amount of chairs for those who need it. Please be considerate of those who need them, as once they are full, there will be no more.

Prayer Rugs: please bring your own prayer rugs, as none will be provided at Grand Park.

Shoe Bags: will be distributed at Grand Park to place your shoes in. Please discard after use in the appropriate bins at the end of salat and khutbah. 

Khateeb: Dr. Nasser Karimian will be leading salat and giving the khutbah this year, inshAllah. 
Parking: our main lot is Parking Lot C. Westfield Police and volunteers will be helping designate the spaces. Please folow their guidelines for parking. Once the lot is full, we request that you go to the secondary parking lot. Failure to park in a designated space will lead to ticketing or tow; subject to the car owner’s expense. There is no cost for parking. 

Primary Parking Lot: C
Secondary Parking: Lot G

There will be shuttling services provided by Charter Up

Shuttling will begin at 8:30 and will only pertain to parking lot G. Shuttling will occur from the Grand Park Blvd, and drop off and pick up will be on North Drive (the drive towards 191, and in front of the building doors 19/20). Individuals using this service will need to enter from the main doors of the building.

If you choose not to shuttle walking from these lots will take 10 minutes or so. There is no charge to shuttle tomorrow and once lots are full, cones will be placed, indicating closure. Drop off to the lots will also occur at the conclusion of salat. Please be mindful as to which lot you parked in and there will be no shuttling for Lot C. 

Please see the attached PDFs for a map of Grand Park and the Takbeerat. 

JazakAllah Kheirun,

The Al Salam BOD

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